Is there a working actor today who is more versatile than Jeff Daniels?

Consider the range: the comedies The Purple Rose of Cairo and Dumb and Dumber and the ferocious dramatic stage turns in To Kill a Mockingbird and God of Carnage to his work in dramas that include his Emmy-winning role in HBO’s The Newsroom, playing FBI head James Comey in The Comey Rule and returning for a second season as lawman Del Harris in American Rust, which premieres March 28 on Prime Video. On the big screen, there is the caddish husband in Terms of Endearment, Something Wild, Pleasantville, The Squid and the Whale, Steve Jobs, The Martian and Good Night, and Good Luck. If that isn’t enough, Daniels also is a gifted musician and singer with a stack of records out there.

In an exceptional Fuse installment, Daniels describes specific great performances that guided him to be so versatile, and events that fueled big pivotal moments in his career and helped him find his rhythm alongside that tornado of physical comedy, Jim Carrey, in the 1994 Farrelly Brothers classic Dumb and Dumber.

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