POPSUGAR: What inspired you to get into your field?

Dianne Bondy: My journey into yoga was inspired by my personal experiences and a passion for inclusivity and equity within wellness. My interest in yoga and equity has evolved over time. I got tired of not being represented in yoga spaces, and I felt I could change the industry. I wanted to advocate for those who felt punished to the margins of yoga and wellness.

PS: What does a typical day-to-day look like for you?

DB: A typical day for me starts with me time. I do a movement practice, which involves my favorite modalities such as spinning, yoga, or Pilates. I commit to one hour of self-care. It is the first thing I do in the morning. I wake up at 5 a.m. and get moving most days of the week. I also sleep in and take naps if necessary to maintain my mental well-being. After my workout, I have my morning meal and coffee. I like to experiment with different fancy coffee, but Vietnamese coffee is my favorite. I sit down, answer emails, engage with my community on social media, create content for social media and interact with my online training participants, teach yoga and Pilates classes, create content for workshops, and write. I love spending time with my sons and partner. To maintain my mental health while helping others, I integrate mindfulness practices, and I seek support when needed.

“I wanted to advocate for those who felt punished to the margins of yoga and wellness.”

PS: What is the most surprising or unique element of your career path?

DB: I am always surprised by the impact I have had on reshaping the conversation around yoga, wellness, and body acceptance. I love hearing from my community how their lives have changed now that their ideas of movement, fitness, and exercise have expanded to recognize movement can be for anyone and everyone. I am all about making it more equitable and accessible to diverse communities.

PS: How do you come up with the captions and themes of your daily posts, and are there any essentials that go into building your social content?

DB: My social media content is a hodgepodge for all the things that matter to me, from social justice, representation, self-study realizations, and connecting with others to wellness, yoga, Pilates, self-care, a day in my life, makeup, skin, and hair-care routines. I love reaction videos as well. Reposting is my love language. I enjoy sharing great content from other creators and supporting other creators doing the work of making the world a better place. I love to share content that inspires me, makes me think, and sometimes stirs the pot for public discussion. My social media is a community space.

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