Next to Never Have I Ever and King’s Cup, Most Likely to Questions is a classic party game, effortlessly breaking the ice and sparking lively conversations.

Let’s leave the high school superlatives in the past. Picture this: a cozy evening, your closest friends, and a game that promises to unravel layers of fun, secrets, and revelations. That’s the fun of these questions. It’s a game that’s as unpredictable as it is entertaining. Whether it’s a laid-back night in or a vibrant party, these questions are your ticket to peeling back the layers of your friends’ personalities, revealing everything from their quirkiest habits to their wildest dreams, hopefully!

In this article, we dive into a carefully curated list of Most Likely to Questions, neatly categorized to suit every mood and group dynamic. Use them at your own risk. From the hilariously absurd to the deeply personal, these questions are tailored to add a dash of excitement to your social gatherings, ensuring that no two game nights are ever the same. So, grab your friends, pick a category, and let the games begin!

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Best Most Likely to Questions

The ‘Best Most Likely to Questions’ are a great intro to the game and feature a bit of everything. These questions are perfect for uncovering who among your friends is destined for greatness, be it in wealth, innovation, or fame. It’s a chance to dream big and share laughs over each other’s highest hopes and potential achievements, no matter how delusional they may be.

  1. Most likely to become a millionaire?
  2. Most likely to invent something bizarre yet useful?
  3. Most likely to win a reality TV show?
  4. Most likely to create a viral dance move?
  5. Most likely to become a food critic?
  6. Most likely to win a game show?
  7. Most likely to become a local legend?
  8. Most likely to invent a new sport?
  9. Most likely to start a new fashion trend?
  10. Most likely to become a comedian?
  11. Most likely to win the Nobel Prize?
  12. Most likely to break a world record?
  13. Most likely to become a CEO?
  14. Most likely to win the lottery?
  15. Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?
  16. Most likely to own a sports car?
  17. Most likely to be a secret agent?
  18. Most likely to leave a huge tip at a restaurant?
  19. Most likely to be involved in a scandal?
  20. Most likely to buy a round of drinks for the entire bar?
  21. Most likely to try an extreme sport on a whim?
  22. Most likely to lose a bet?
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Dirty Most Likely to Questions

Unsurprisingly, the ‘Dirty Most Likely to Questions’ category is where things get tantalizingly risqué. These questions are designed to probe into the more intimate and daring aspects of your friends’ lives. Stellar for a group comfortable with pushing boundaries and sharing naughty secrets. Expect blushes, giggles, and perhaps a few jaw-dropping revelations. Use these at your own risk.

  1. Most likely to have a one-night stand?
  2. Most likely to become a nudist?
  3. Most likely to have a crush on a friend’s sibling?
  4. Most likely to wake up in a stranger’s bed?
  5. Most likely to cheat on their partner?
  6. Most likely to marry for money?
  7. Most likely to join the Mile High Club?
  8. Most likely to have a fetish?
  9. Most likely to have an affair?
  10. Most likely to go back to their ex?
  11. Most likely to kiss a stranger?
  12. Most likely to go skinny dipping?
  13. Most likely to get pregnant while on birth control?
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Juicy Most Likely to Questions

Step into the realm of the unexpected with ‘Juicy Most Likely to Questions,’ where secrets and surprises are the norms. This category is wonderful for those who love a bit of intrigue and mystery, offering questions that reveal hidden sides and untold stories. Play this with close pals or be messy and whip them out when the dinner party gets a bit tense. I won’t judge!

  1. Most likely to have a secret they’ve kept since childhood?
  2. Most likely to have the most scandalous dating stories?
  3. Most likely to have a secret life no one knows about?
  4. Most likely to get arrested?
  5. Most likely to have a wardrobe malfunction in public?
  6. Most likely to survive on a deserted island?
  7. Most likely to become a reality TV villain?
  8. Most likely to be framed for murder?
  9. Most likely to clog the toilet?
  10. Most likely to join a cult?
  11. Most likely to be grumpy?
  12. Most likely to send a risky text to the wrong person?
  13. Most likely to have a secret tattoo?
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Funny Most Likely to Questions

Get ready to unleash a wave of laughter with the ‘Funny Most Likely to Questions.’ This category is all about the absurd, the hilarious, and the downright silly, making it ideal for lightening the mood after a previous category got a little heated perhaps. From quirky habits to embarrassing blunders, these questions are sure to bring out the funniest anecdotes. They should be relatively harmless.

  1. Most likely to clap when the plane lands?
  2. Most likely to pee in the pool?
  3. Most likely to accidentally become a meme?
  4. Most likely to start a flash mob in public?
  5. Most likely to tell an inappropriate joke at the wrong time?
  6. Most likely to fall over when ice skating?
  7. Most likely to laugh at the wrong moment?
  8. Most likely to accidentally walk into a glass door?
  9. Most likely to fall asleep at a party?
  10. Most likely to run a marathon without training?
  11. Most likely to try to fix something and make it worse?
  12. Most likely to lock themselves out of their own house?
  13. Most likely to sing in the shower?
  14. Most likely to throw up on a night out?
  15. Most likely to drink too much at a work happy hour?
  16. Most likely to get an awful tattoo?
  17. Most likely to win a pie-eating contest?
  18. Most likely to step in dog poop?
  19. Most likely to trip going up stairs?
  20. Most likely to show up overdressed?
  21. Most likely to accidentally set their house on fire?
  22. Most likely to go streaking?
  23. Most likely to forget where they live?
  24. Most likely to crash a car?
  25. Most likely to skip a shower for a month?
  26. Most likely to be struck by lightning?
  27. Most likely to get stuck in an elevator?
  28. Most likely to get offended by a joke?
  29. Most likely to accidentally dye their hair the wrong color?
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Most Likely to Questions for Friends

Tailored for close-knit groups, the ‘Most Likely to Questions for Friends’ delve into the dynamics of friendship. These questions explore everything from shared memories to personal quirks, great for friends who think they know everything about each other. It’s a delightful mix of humor, nostalgia, and a little bit of friendly ribbing. Or a lot. See where it goes!

  1. Most likely to forget their best friend’s birthday?
  2. Most likely to become an influencer on social media?
  3. Most likely to win big while gambling?
  4. Most likely to have a cool hidden talent?
  5. Most likely to have a wild story from a night out that no one believes?
  6. Most likely to have the craziest college stories?
  7. Most likely to have a bizarre encounter with wildlife?
  8. Most likely to have a ghost encounter?
  9. Most likely to believe conspiracy theories?
  10. Most likely to have a secret admirer?
  11. Most likely to be conned?
  12. Most likely to have the wildest travel stories?
  13. Most likely to binge-watch an entire series?
  14. Most likely to lock themselves out?
  15. Most likely to be friends for life?
  16. Most likely to end up on a random road trip?
  17. Most likely to have a funny story about a date gone wrong?
  18. Most likely to have the most bizarre experience in a foreign country?
  19. Most likely to go missing on a night out?
  20. Most likely to get drunk and forget what happened the next morning?
  21. Most likely to have kids first?
  22. Most likely to embarrass themselves in front of the other sex?
  23. Most likely to have a sugar daddy?
  24. Most likely to sleep through their alarm?
  25. Most likely to stalk strangers on Instagram?
  26. Most likely to drop a rap album?
  27. Most likely to have 100 unread texts?
  28. Most likely to ghost someone?
  29. Most likely to forget where they parked their car?
  30. Most likely to help a thief escape?
  31. Most likely to fail a driving test?
  32. Most likely to blame someone else for what they did?
  33. Most likely to eat food off the ground?
  34. Most likely to forget something important?
  35. Most likely to cry watching a movie?
  36. Most likely to have the largest phone bill?
  37. Most likely to start a fight?
  38. Most likely to be turned away by a bouncer?
  39. Most likely to lose their hair first?
  40. Most likely to be drunk after two beers?
  41. Most likely to get lost even with GPS?
  42. Most likely to break their phone?
  43. Most likely to spill on white clothing?
  44. Most likely to be conned?
  45. Most likely to have the wildest travel stories?
  46. Most likely to have a bizarre phobia that no one understands?
  47. Most likely to faint if they met their favorite celebrity?
  48. Most likely to sleep with a night light?
  49. Most likely to troll people on social media?
  50. Most likely to become a vegan?
  51. Most likely to eat expired food?
  52. Most likely to win an Oscar?
  53. Most likely to write a book?
  54. Most likely to sleepwalk?
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Most Likely to Questions for Couples

The ‘Most Likely to Questions for Couples’ are designed to add a spark to chill night in. These questions explore the nuances of relationships, from the sweet and sentimental to the hilariously awkward. It’s a great way for couples to connect, laugh, and discover more about each other in a new way.

  1. Most likely to give their kid an embarrassing name?
  2. Most likely to get married more than once?
  3. Most likely to date a friend’s ex?
  4. Most likely to fall in love with someone they just met?
  5. Most likely to be late?
  6. Most likely to be different online than they are in real life?
  7. Most likely to actually be good at karaoke?
  8. Most likely to join the circus?
  9. Most likely to be a cat lady/man?
  10. Most likely to survive the longest without eating?
  11. Most likely to be framed for murder?
  12. Most likely to be fired?
  13. Most likely to be caught in a lie?
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Final Verdict

As we wrap up this journey through the diverse world of ‘Most Likely to Questions,’ it’s clear that this simple game can be a powerful tool for laughter, bonding, and unexpected answers. Whether you’re looking to break the ice with new acquaintances, deepen existing friendships, or add a playful twist to your romantic life, these questions are great for so many groups.

So next time you gather with friends, loved ones, or even colleagues, remember this list as your go-to for sparking conversations that are as memorable as they are entertaining. Embrace the laughter, the surprises, and the moments of connection that these questions are sure to bring.


    • The game “Most Likely To” involves players predicting which person among them is most likely to do a particular action or fit a specific description, which often leads to something funny or unexpected being said.

      • Really juicy questions are inquiries that provoke intriguing, often personal or intimate responses, typically revealing secrets, unexpected opinions, or surprising facts about someone. Don’t ask anything you don’t want the answer to.

        • The best “Who is Most Likely To” questions for friends are those that explore fun, relatable, and sometimes revealing aspects of their personalities, habits, or past experiences. Anything to revisit the good old days and perhaps learn something new along the way.

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