Dex Carvey, the son of comedian Dana Carvey, has passed away at age of 32 of apparent accidental drug overdose.

Dana and Dex were very close. He was on his way to becoming a comedian like his father, according to TMZ. In fact, Dex opened for his father's Netflix special Strgiht White Male in 2016, where he did a 6-minute set.

He died Wednesday night in Los Angeles. His girlfriend called from a home where Dex was unresponsive and locked in a bathroom.

According to Page Six, it was due to a drug overdose.

Dana Carvey’s Son Dex Carvey Dead at 32

Dana and his wife, Paula, released a statement on Instagram. “Our beloved son, Dex, died of an accidental drug overdose. He was 32 years old,” it reads. “Dex packed a lot into those 32 years. He was extremely talented at so many things — music, art, filmmaking, comedy — and pursued all of them passionately.”

Sources said that paramedics tried to revive him. However, it did no well. He died at the location, and an autopsy has been done. The cause of death isn't determined as of yet.

Dana has another son named Thomas, who is also a comic. During the Netflix special, Dex joked that, since they're all comedians, the family is like The von Trapps — from The Sound of Music.

According to Mirror, Dex founded and opened a venue in Hollywood called Third Wheel. The place is called an “underground comedy spot that features rising stars and hilarious legends every night.” Beyond that, he launched Antonio's Deli Productions, a production company that started The Weird Place, an audio series.

The comedian's most recent gig was his role in the animated series B-Side Comics.