Path of Exile patch 3.22.1 is here, with the Mystery Path of Exile Items Box joining improvements to the Trial of the Ancestors mode, a forfeit option, and new tattoos and recipes.

Path of Exile patch 3.22.1 has arrived, with hotfixes to improve the behavior of your AI companions in its new Trial of the Ancestors mode, the addition of the Path of Exile Mystery Box for update 3.22, and some new tattoos and recipes for the RPG game. Whether you’re a seasoned PoE veteran or making your first journey through Wraeclast after trying games such as Diablo 4, you’ll want to catch up on what’s arriving with this latest update below.

As the Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors league enters its third week, developer Grinding Gear Games releases a hotfix that improves the behavior of warriors in its autobattler mode while they’re attacking and flanking. This should mean they’ll better target enemy units when no totems are targetable. You’ll have to create new instances of the Halls of the Dead for this to apply – this can be forced using Ctrl + click on the world map pin if you need to.

A longer set of Path of Exile 3.22.1 patch notes is arriving too, which includes six new tattoos with some rather powerful effects. The Journey tattoos already have me contemplating my builds, allowing you to replace those +30 stat boost notable passive nodes with a stacking effect that adds 30 to your maximum life, energy shield, or mana per allocated Journey tattoo of that type. If you’re able to stick enough of them in, that could be a really powerful effect.

By far the most exciting addition, however, is the Journey Tattoo of Makanui, which replaces a Keystone passive slot with a randomly chosen Keystone. Given how powerful these build-defining abilities are, to the point where you’ll travel lengths across the board for one you want while those you don’t are often actively detrimental to your build, I’m curious to see players experimenting with this. Imagine hoping for Blood Magic and instead getting the Ancestral Bond keystone, which prevents your character’s damage altogether in favor of totems.

Also now available in-game is the Path of Exile Mystery Box for the Ancestors league, which will grant you one of 20 different cosmetic POE Items microtransactions (with some additional bonus variations up for grabs). You’ll never get duplicates from opening these, and chances for each increase proportionally as you continue to open more. For full drop rates, you can check the list below.