Rocket League has issued a patch eliminating loot packing containers in  international locations, so as to abide with the aid of RL Items local legal guidelines forbidding the exercise. With the 1.61 patch, gamers in each Belgium and the Netherlands are no longer capable of open crates with earned keys "due to authorities policies."

Last yr in reaction to concerns raised by games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, both international locations declared that loot bins constitute playing and are consequently unlawful. The governments of the countries decided that the exercise should entice minors to gamble. In January, EA eliminated FIFA Points in Belgium for the same purpose.

Some nations have outlawed the exercise, however it's miles from settled throughout the board. New Zealand and France have each determined that loot containers aren't gambling, and investigations are nonetheless ongoing in the United States and Australia. That has left the practice inconsistent, as inside the case of Rocket League and FIFA, in which developers permit the microtransactions in a few international locations but now not others.

In February, a US Senator wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission criticizing the exercise as predatory. Shortly after, the FTC introduced a public workshop but declined to comment if it become engaging in any formal research.

Last 12 months, the ESRB replied to the growing issues through pronouncing new labeling gear to extra surely perceive video games with Rocket League Items Store loot bins and similar microtransaction schemes.