Braided Wigs have become a favourite hairstyle among women including Celebrities. They are sophisticated, stylish and a big part of our Afro-Centric Culture. Almost any braid style can be customized as a Wig.


Why You Should Consider Getting A Braided Wig

Braided Wigs are Protective Hairstyles:  Protective hairstyles as the name implies are hairstyles that protect your natural hair, helps your hair grow faster and make them relax. Braided Lace Front Wigs offer this protection as you won’t need to braid your own natural hair thereby protecting your hair from breakage, hair loss, hair thinning and damage caused by tensions and tight hair braiding.


Saves yourself the Pains and Save your Edges: Anyone who has had a braid installation knows how painful getting your hair braided can be as your hair is pulled during the braiding process. This usually leads to throbbing pains, headaches and irritated scalp, which could last for days. However, putting on a Human Hair Braided Wigs rarely hurts and even kids wear Kids braid wig styles with ease.


Saves Time and Get Ready In Minutes: Braid installations at hair salons can take hours. Some micro braid styles like the million braids can take even days to get done. Does that mean you won’t get to wear your favourite braid style? Of course not! A good quality braided wig will save you hours and hours of sitting on a braiding chair. All you’ll just need is to pop the braid wig on in less than 10 minutes when getting ready to step out.


Saves Your Money: The cost of getting your hair braided by a certified stylist is usually more than $100. Some stylist even charge up to to $700-$1000. These braids will usually last for at most 2-3 months and then you’ll have to lose those braids and may not even be able to reuse the attachments.


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