Summer is basically here, which means barbecues, beaches, and other crack-a-cold-can occasions are back. But if you’re not drinking, you’re confined to Coca-Colas, waters, and other less-than-adult beverages. So why not sip from a new cast of classy, consciously-made non-alcoholic drinks?

They boast all the flavor and energy of your favorite wines, beers, and cocktails, just skip the alcohol content.

These beverages are also excellent options for day time drinking. Having several beverages during the day can leave you haggard and hungover by 4 pm. So split up your alcohol beverages — your beers, White Claws, and other spiked seltzers — with something lower proof. Your body will thank you, and it’ll allow for more engagement and energy as the sun goes down.

What are you drinking? Here are three new entrants to the non-alcoholic category worth knowing.

Ritual Zero Proof Aperitif Alternative

From Ritual Zero, a line of non-alcoholic gins, whiskeys, and tequilas, comes a breezier alternative to an aperitif. It’s meant to shine in cocktails with Italian energy — think Americano, Negronis, or Spritzes. Made with a base of botanicals it parlays all the bitter-sweet of an Italian aperitivo, complete with the sunset-colored hues. As the no- and low-alcohol beverage market continues to grow (it surpassed $11 billion in market value in 2022, according to The IWSR), founder Marcus Sakey finds the mixer category a huge draw. “The data–and especially our sales–continue to show that Americans are drinking less and are in search of more balance, so we knew there was demand and an opportunity to create a non-alcoholic aperitif product that is as good as, if not better than the originals.”

Proxies Collaboration with Chefs Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark

Proxies already has a line-up of excellent wine-like beverages that emulate all the textures and complexities of your favorite red, white, or rose. In addition to their standard stable of bottlings, the brand also releases rotating collaborations with notable names, including Sean Brock, Dominique Crenn, Andre Hueston Mack, and Miguel de Leon.

The newest wine to the roster is a collaboration with Chefs Beverly and Johnny Clark, the husband-and-wife duo behind Chicago’s Parachute and wherewithall. Flavors pull from magnolia berry and Asian pear to make the perfect summer drink; light, airy, yet full of refreshing flavors.

All the Bitters Chocolate Mole Bitters

Bitters — a cocktail modifier that is essentially a bartender’s salt and pepper — are inherently alcoholic. So if you’re crafting a cocktail without alcohol, you’re missing a key ingredient. Sommelier Ian Blessing, formerly of Opus One and the French Laundry, and partner Carly went about creating a lovely brand of alcohol-free cocktail bitters that add depth and intrigue to a cocktail. The core range includes aromatic, New Orleans, and orange bitters, and the couple recently extended their line to include dreamy, calming lavender bitters. Try it in a Bee’s Knees or a Mojito.

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