Let the gloating begin.

TV’s late-night comedy crowd is reveling in the luscious goodness that was dropped in their collective lap today after Fox News said it will pay $787.5 million to settle the defamation suit brought by Dominion Voting Systems over the cable net’s false election-rigging claims. Here’s some of what we’ve heard so far.

Jimmy Kimmel played Captain Obvious in saying, “No company in America had a worse day than Fox News today,” then zinged ’em with: “It’s gonna take a lot of reverse-mortgage ads to pay that one off.” After another jab or three, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host then loosed his vitriol on the plaintiff.

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“I also wanna say ‘nice going’ to Dominion,” he said. “We naively thought this was about making Fox News take responsibility for destroying their reputation because that’s what they told us it was about. But no, they took the money instead — which means the liars who knowingly misled their oatmeal-brained viewers and seriously damaged our democracy don’t have to say anything about it at all … while Dominion and their lawyers go shopping for yachts, I guess.” Here’s part of Kimmel’s ABC monologue:

Over on Comedy Central, correspondent and guest host Jordan Klepper “lamented” that Fox News soon will be nine digits poorer. “That is a ton of money, and Fox was already strapped for cash: Tucker Carlson can only afford one facial expression.”

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Klepper then said: “I’m glad there’s some accountability here,” but still pretty disappointed we’re not going to get a trial because all the Fox anchors would have been forced to testify. It would have been like the Seinfeld finale, but instead of Soup Nazis, it’s just …” — and he let the crowd finish that joke for him.”

He went on to rattle off some cost-cutting measures that Fox News will need to implement, such as firing Brian Kilmeade’s reading tutor, seeing Jeanine Pirro having to “switch to the cheap box of wine” and “of course, they’re gonna have to put down Sean Hannity.” Here’s some of Klepper’s monologue:

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