In a special encounter with Godfrey, First Elden Lord, one Elden Ring player conquered the boss using only the crafted belongings in their inventory. There are countless powerful weapons and spells for Tarnished to savor during their playthrough and therefore crafted items are generally left because of the wayside. By the time Elden Ring Items players reach their third or fourth playthrough, they frequently look for creative approaches to beat the already familiar bosses. Challenge runs honestly inspire players to produce the game as difficult as possible, and enable them to experiment with every item in the overall game regardless of its usefulness. Occasionally, an unconventional style such as this can show the functionality and practicality of a number of the lesser-used strategies in the sport.

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Crafted items and pots definitely deserve a location in every character's build. The abundance of materials makes creating items painless, plus the benefits outweigh the fee. Many players hoard consumable items since they are unsure when they should use them or if they shall be able to replenish their supplies. However, which is typically not an issue with most crafted products in Elden Ring. Finding cookbooks inside the Lands Between allows players to craft different items, including pots or Throwing Daggers. Pots may be especially ideal for players that don't have access to a unique damage type or status effect this can build. Lightning and Scarlet Rot can both supply in pots when the player contains the cookbook and materials needed. These items may give any build diversity with relative ease.

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In a movie posted to Reddit, an Elden Ring player defeated Godfrey by only using crafted items. The player who's going to be known as Head_Advice9030 is seen inside the video throwing thousands of Rot Pots and Poisonbone Darts for the First Elden Lord until they eventually eliminate the humongous boss. The fight lasted approximately five minutes, that's still relatively quick on a buy elden ring items boss fight. Defeating Godfrey is difficult by any means, and this also player was in a position to accomplish this feat armed simply while using Jellyfish Shield and consumable items.

The player sports the Jar helm within the Elden Ring video. This may be paying homage to a single of the most notable Elden Ring players, LetMeSoloHer, who famously donned the identical helmet. However, it can be far more likely actually simply wearing the helmet in hitting the ground with the many pots actually throwing in battle.

Head_Advice9030's victory over Godfrey using only crafted items has gained attention inside Elden Ring community. The use of crafted items has additionally gained more recognition and appreciation, as players have realized the chance of these products in certain situations. There are many strategies to beat Lord Godfrey in Elden Ring, but that one might take the dessert.