A fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has decided that it'd be an fantastic concept to dress up their hunter in Monster Hunter RiseAnimal Crossing Items as the sport’s popular unique villager Isabelle. Fully utilising the character customization alternatives in Monster Hunter Rise, the artist completes an entire appearance and outfit this is extraordinarily paying homage to the life sim’s well-known canine secretary.

This isn't always the first time that characters from every video games had been put together in a single situation. Isabelle and the Monster Hunter series’ Rathalos have formally regarded together in another Nintendo identify like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so enthusiasts likely completed the stopping activity with every characters in a few suits. Otherwise, fans integrate the two fandoms thru true creations like a Doom Eternal mod, and now, a Redditor with the Buy ACNH Items username Jigenrqz_22 has made an Isabelle gown for their MH Rise man or woman.