Rocket League has received numerous tie-ins with other amusement over the last couple of years, and currently developerRocket League Items  Psyonix introduced the most modern crossover. WWE-themed gadgets are coming to the game this spring.

Psyonix announced today that it's prolonged its partnership with WWE for 2018. As part of this, Psyonix can be including WWE items to the sport, so players can anticipate customization alternatives like wrestling-themed decals, flags, and likely vehicles. The developer hasn't provided specific information but.

On the wrestling facet, meanwhile, visitors will see extra Rocket League-associated sponsorships and content material. The studio said that the sport will frequently be played at the WWE's gaming channel on YouTube, and there will be a Rocket League booth at WrestleMania 34 taking area in April.

This is not the simplest pass-media tie-in within the works, both. Psyonix also these days announced a DC Comics DLC p.C. That provides  Batmobiles and a gaggle of different superhero-themed cosmetics. It'll launch next Monday, March 5, and will price $four.