There are certain things in life that I love, and one of those things are the best horror movies out there so I can get scared and terrified for fun. One of those movie franchises that I love to watch is Friday the 13th, and while they can sometimes vary in quality, the movies about Jason and all of his killing endeavors are always a fun time to watch, whether that be in order, or if you’re watching from least to best – which is why this amazing box set of all the Friday the 13th movies is such a great deal.

What To Know About This Friday The 13th Blu-ray Box Set Deal

For Black Friday, Amazon is offering a 40% off deal on an entire box set of every single Friday the 13th movie. You’re here because you want to know how much of a great deal this is. Originally, the box set runs for $159.98 on Amazon, but with this Black Friday discount, you’re getting everything that comes in this box set for $95.99

That’s right, I mean every single movie, from the beginning of the franchise to the reboot that was released in 2009, is included in this set. You’ll no longer need to look everywhere online for some streaming service to watch them, as they’ll be right there in your living room on Blu-ray – and including a really cool art on the box that features Jason with some of his most iconic weapons, including that famous machete from some of his most iconic kills.

However, you won’t just be getting the movies with this box set. Within this Friday the 13th collection, you’ll get a variety of extras, including behind-the-scenes facts on how movies were made, the sets, the make-up, music videos, movie posters, and so much more. There are also commentaries from the directors on certain discs, as well as interviews with several people from behind the scenes. 

Two discs in particular from the sixteen-disc collection are all behind-the-scenes looks into the world of Friday the 13th, including featurettes on makeup, interviews with actors, a deep dive into how the music was made for horror films like this and so much more. 

And remember, you get all of this for just $95.99, and you get to keep it forever. I think that’s a valuable deal. 

Other Cool Gifts For Fans Of Friday The 13th

If for some reason you want something else in the Friday the 13th realm of gift ideas while we wait for the franchise to yet again be brought to the silver screen like they did for the revival of Halloween, there are plenty of options out there for you to pick something up – or to get something for the Friday the 13th fan in your life. 

If you want to check out the Friday the 13th television series that aired from 1987 to 1990, the whole entire series is for sale on Amazon for $22.79, which is a 65% discount from what it originally was at $64.99. 

Buy the Friday the 13th TV series box set on Amazon.  (opens in new tab)

If you feel like you already have enough media regarding Friday the 13th, why not check out some clothes that feature the famous Jason Voorhees? While there are plenty of great Friday the 13th themed shirts and sweatpants and sweaters at Hot Topic, these Friday the 13th slippers look comfy and something that will keep your footsies warm in the cold months – while we wait for summer to come back up and for Jason’s terror to begin again. 

Buy these Friday the 13th Jason Splatter Slippers at Hot Topic.  (opens in new tab)

There’s so much to love about these great deals from both Amazon and Hot Topic, but maybe now you might have found the ultimate Christmas gift to give to your favorite Friday the 13th fan – or maybe even to yourself.  

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