The best clients are highly specific. Like Sprinkle, a penguin who wanted a “Castle of Cold.” Naturally, I put her in an icy spot in the Animal Crossing Bells middle of winter, decked out her space with ice sculptures, and polished it to bits to give the ice some extra sparkle. The polishing mechanic even gets an upgrade where you can add new effects to furniture items like a chilly puff of condensation. You can bet I’ll be back to Sprinkle’s icy abode to add that in.It’s a slow burn, meaning that, much like.

the rest of the game, you can’t unlock everything at once.

Rather than feeling frustrating, the doling out of new material makes you feel like you’re growing in this new role or at least barred from marathoning the new content until you lose interest. While you work your way up with promotion and raises (we love fair compensation), you’ll also start unlocking more features. You can shine furniture to add new effects, change room sizes, build partition walls, and even design facilities like a school in addition to vacation homes. Plus, the items you unlock with each new design are saved for use in the future, giving you more possibilities.