The Rocket League Championship Series started in early 2016 as a partnership between Psyonix and Twitch, although Psyonix RL Items assumed complete operational manage starting with Season five. Only North America and Europe competed within the first two seasons, with the Oceania area delivered starting with Season three. Each season cycle lasts about three months, with as much as four months of offseason following the World Championship.

Currently the RLCS machine is break up among two concurrent leagues: the Championship Series itself, and the lower-tier Rival Series, which become delivered with Season four to assist raise up-and-coming groups. There are 16 teams in the RLCS and also 16 in the Rival Series, break up calmly between North America and Europe.

In each regions, the RLCS and Rival Series feed into every different. At the give up of the season, the two lowest-rating groups from every region face off in a promotion/relegation event in opposition to the pinnacle two Rival Series teams to decide which groups will play in which league the following season.

The pinnacle six RLCS groups in NA and Europe preserve their slots for the following season, as do the top four Rival Series squads, assuming they meet roster policies. Open qualifiers are held at the start of each season to fill empty Rival Series group slots, inclusive of the ones from disbanded squads. The Oceania location’s opposition is all handled via local occasions promoter Throwdown Esports, and the region does now not have a Rival Series equivalent to feed into its league.

All of the areas have a five-week league play season, wherein groups play seven suits and face their nearby opponents once apiece. The top two groups in NA and EU earn a niche on the stay World Championship, with the opposite  spots determined in each nearby championship. Oceania most effective sends two groups to the World Championship, but, and people areRocket League Items Shop  decided totally via the OCE championship. In total, 10 groups play at each World Championship.