Most people are aware of the feeling of being outnumbered. On a school assignment or in a business project the power to the masses dictates how things is expected to be done. It's extremely frustrating to be forced to follow. It's the normal life of a defensive lineman within the Mut 23 coins. In fact, even the most destructive offensive teams will always have more blockers than players to block.

It's hard to quantify exactly how difficult it is of even being able to register a tackle as a defensive or offensive end. The process of getting past one or two tackles as well as guards still leaves the halfbacks to block following. However, despite these overwhelming numbers there are defensive linemen who pick up sacks, force fumbles and tackle runners to lose. Madden nfl 23 recognizes this and recognizes these exceptional players who excel despite their circumstances with the status of a superstar and high ratings.

Chris Jones - Left End 90

In only five years, Chris Jones has amassed 40.5 sacks with the Chiefs as well as 9 forced fumbles. Long considered to be unappreciated by his fans it's nice to witness Madden recognize him as a top-ten talent.

Kansas City has been blessed with a variety of offensive options in Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and more. However, even great offenses need defenses to stifle the opposing team. Chris Jones has been doing more than his fair share in that department.


Calais Campbell has had one amazing career. He's been with three different teams , and has played with a lot of ferocity in each of them. Now with his current team, the Ravens, Baltimore fans are hopeful that he'll get his Hall of Fame push over in the coming seasons.

The 92 sacks he recorded prior to the season have put him among the top fifty most of the time. He's also remarkably gifted at tackling runners who try to cut off to the side by his impressive strength and speed.

Michael Pierce - Defensive Tackle - 91

It's been a while since we've last seen Michael Thomas. After a four-year run with the Ravens He ended up in Minnesota however, he decided to opt out of last season due to COVID-19.

Thomas is almost ghostly on paper. Thomas has recorded 3.5 bags in the past five years and has never forced a fumble. But he places enormous pressure on opposing quarterbacks and makes them leave the pocket for his teammates to handle.

DeForest Buckner - Defensive Tackle - 92

DeForest Buckner has only played five years in the NFL, but his name is feared as if he's in the Hall of Fame. Buckner's record is never less than 58 total tackles during any of his five seasons. He could be getting warmed up. In each of the last two seasons, he has forced two fumbles. His sack totals are nothing to ignore either. As a defensive tackle, he's deadly against pocket quarterbacks.

Cameron Heyward - Right End - 1992

Statistically, Cameron Jordan isn't the flashiest player on paper. In the past ten years Jordan has only had double-digit sacks only once, six forced fumbles total and one interception.

Analysts can only appreciate his worth only when they look at all of his tackles. His total tackles total have been 45 or more throughout his seven years, making him one of the top difficult players to overcome in football with buy mut coins madden 23. Offensive teams don't have anything to do with running left when Jordan is in the right position.