Also, while they're not exactly the same, Mages may find that the powerful lichies and sorcerers in Maldraxxus are suitable for their skills. Not every fighter of WOW WoTLK Classic Gold needs to have a weapon at their disposal, and the potent frost magic of Mage could be a perfect fit for the Necrolords design.

Ardenweald is the place of reincarnation for the different spirit beings of the natural world within World of Warcraft, and the Night Fae play an important part in caring for the world. The Night Fae have a vocation of serving the spirits who travel through Ardenweald and strive to protect and heal souls suffering from nightmares and injuries. Although it is true that the Night Fae do not concern them with many humanoid spirits like other covenants do people with a connection to nature may feel their calling is the most significant of all.

The Night Fae may have the most obvious fit for all that is World of Warcraft WotLK Classic, one of which is the Druid. Druids already devote themselves to the preservation of nature throughout life therefore, serving nature after death is sensible. The Night Fae also includes a faction known as the Wild Hunt which is charged with protecting the forest from malicious threats.

This makes the Hunter the perfect WoW class to play with this covenant, and alongside Druid they both blend into the forest of Ardenweald with ease. The relationship that World of Warcraft's Shaman have made with nature, and their dedication to protecting the peace of the world, may also make an appropriate option to join The Night Fae.

Revendreth, the final realm in World of Warcraft WotLK Classic, is the home of wandering souls seeking redemption. These souls were guilty of committing various sinful actions in their lives and must be atoning for those errors if they wish to stay out of the Maw. The Venthyr are the covenant that is responsible for the rehabilitation of a spirit, and many of their members were once souls who had to atone for themselves. Because of this, people who've made mistakes in their lives are the best candidates to become Venthyr.

Characters of any class can be motivated to seek redemption, but the one class that might require atonement is the Demon Hunter. Demon Hunters use the fel magic of the Burning Legion in order to boost their powers, and the use of this forbidden magic might help people realize the wrong they did. Warlocks find themselves in a similar positionand their use of Demonology has always been controversial from the perspective of the other World of Warcraft classes. Both classes draw lines between goodness and devil, so they'd make excellent choices. Lastly, Rogues are known for their lives of deceit and sabotage The character's might have the strained morality that makes them a good Venthyr.

There are legitimate motives for every class to be a part of any of the covenants, therefore players are free to pick any group that interests players while they level. Many of the top covenants' aesthetics aren't actually the best mechanical fits, and players can still pick the cheap WoTLK Gold covenant in accordance with their skills rather than knowledge of. The bottom line is that each covenant is all working towards the same objective that is the defeat of The Jailer. No whatever covenant a player picks, they'll be able to take on him.