A short but interesting story in the sense that it's not the only thing I think of when I think of Mike Alstott after him crushing souls and human bodies. While in college my roommates and me had a 10-man Madden franchise with Mut 23 coins. Everyone was allowed to make one trade per season since we didn't want all teams to essentially become fantasy rosters. Most people would trade for an ace receiver, quarterback and middle linebacker. However, one of my buddies used his one trade on an offensive fullback, Michael Joseph Alstott. Although everyone loved Alstott due to reasons easily observed in that video however, making your single trade on a short-yardage back in Madden seemed like a ridiculous choice since you can look up Free Agents by Break Tackle and have a good option, without making the same trade.

Because we wanted to keep the league running If you didn't play your game within some days, you'd be given simulation. The only rule was that injuries would be turned off since there is a social system and every. In reality, the Alstott owner was able to hold the team up due to a full day of classes. The other owners were eager to get their game in because college students have not been the most patient bunch. The Alstott owner entered the house a few hours later after two games were played and the season had been saved. He asked if they had won and was informed that it was a loss, and was told "Well at least you turned injuries off, right?". The kid's face who was struck by Simulate said to everyone that the answer was clearly "No I didn't know". We went to the Injury Report page for the Franchise and what we found was:

Mike Alstott (Herniated Disc)"Out For Career"

The week isn't over for me. in the calendar. But out for a full-time career. Game ended. Because of a simulation. But the most horrific thing I've ever seen in Madden is just because it was so easily avoided which makes it better because we continue to smack our Alstott owner's balls over his soul ripped clean out of his body by the video game until the present day. Also, thank you Mike Alstott for not only giving us wonderful memories on the football field but also on the video game operating table.

"The Tale Of Horse Moo

It's not my intention to get married as of yet, but while I was in college we have an Madden league and import NCAA Football rosters for new draft classes. Some of the roommates were the Texans and was drafted RB 34 from Oregon State AKA Steven Jackson. When it came time to change his name into Steven Jackson, he instead preferred to rename him Horse Moo because that's what queezy he claimed a queef sounds like. Yes, I understand the ridiculousness of it but in college, it's not like you're batting an eyelash when one of your friends does something stupid. The thing is, each time Horse Moo played our buddy who was with one of the Colts (which was a lot as they were part of the same team, and we banged out a full Madden season every 2 weeks or so despite having 10 idiots in the game) He ran for about a billion yards and the Colts player would scream "FUCK You Horse MooOOOO!! !" as the Texans player would shout "HORSE MOOOOOOOO !!!! !" at the top of their lungs. So when I think of Steven Jackson, I think of the name Horse Moo in Madden after a snarky description of the noise a queef produces. I also think of how he was a former All-Pro running back. I then consider this hilarious anecdote about Jackson refusing to submit to an x-ray. This story may have taken home the bronze medal and it's certainly a strong bronze in my eyes.

The Curtis Martin Game

My friend and I took part in our part in NFC Championship Game of our team during our townhouse's Christmas party. The full crowd of drunk stupid people, who were constantly throwing 50-yard touchdowns to Randy Moss in double coverage. He eventually beats me by 3 points to win. He picks an in the Super Bowl vs. the Jets just after we've finished. He's leading a close game almost the entire time and scored an TD to Moss in the final 20 seconds with buy mut 23 coins. Jets have the ball. Curtis Martin runs a diagonal route through the middle of the field and goes 80 yards to win his first Super Bowl as the entire crowd goes wild as my friend's soul leaves his body. Curtis Martin's game Curtis Martin Game lives in legend to this day.