After thinking about this idea few minutes in a closed room I began combining ideas and mechanics from traditional MMOs along with the well-known idle game concept, creating something that could be played in a casual way, while on the move and integrated into a player's busy lifestyle with RS Gold."

He goes on to say: "While the numbers and stats don't make up the majority of players really enjoy about MMOs however, it's the thing that the majority of fans gravitate towards once the exploration has been completed. Because it's usually so important to the things that long-term players focus on, it made sense to incorporate this into one of the main elements of Melvor's game's design. Furthermore, it blends perfectly with the design elements commonly found in the majority of idle games."

In his quest to draw inspiration from other MMOs The structure that was the basis of RuneScape was one he studied closely, making the universe of Melvor Idle as a parallel universe with the 20-year-old RPG. "RuneScape was an essential base for the game due to the fact that it was a very fundamental gameplay for me" He explains."

Like many people I began playing RuneScape since the majority of my friends at the time had it. The fact that it was web-based was a big part of this. That very low entry barrier combined with RuneScape's deep branching and complexity was what kept me playing it over and over again -- something that I wanted to replicate with Melvor Idle."

With Malcolm being open about his motivations it was soon reported to Jagex that the fan had developed a game that was based on its own MMO. Staff members reported it to the management team, with Director of Product Management Chris Pfeiffer telling us his team was impressed with "how much had been achieved and how well it aligned to RuneScape."

"The goal of Melvor Idle is in tune with our primary values of what makes the game truly live -- this was therefore a natural match to us" the CEO says. "Furthermore the idea of offering someone in our local community this opportunity has really enthused everyone in the business with RS 2007 Gold."

Pfieffer and his fellow colleagues have tried Melvor Idle on their own and they were impressed enough that they reached for Malcolm for a discussion about the possibilities of working with Malcolm in the beginning of 2021.