Two Florida Sheriff’s deputies have been suspended for 81 hours without pay, according to the Associated Press, for leaking details about Bob Saget’s death before the comedian’s family was informed of his passing.

One of the deputies, who was involved in the response on January 9, told his brother about the event and the brother then posted about it on social media. The other deputy, who was not involved in the investigation, told his neighbor of the comedian’s death.

“This case highlights how important it is to allow detectives in death investigations the time to ensure next of kin notifications are made before that information is disseminated to the public,” Orange County Sheriff John Mina said in a statement. “The deputies acknowledged their wrongdoing and were disciplined for their actions.”

The case also highlights one reason why Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, and their three daughters may have filed a lawsuit in February to ensure records that “graphically depict Mr. Saget, his likeness or features, or parts of him” after his death be sealed.

A judge ordered those records permanently sealed in March.

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