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OSRS Prayer Training Guide

Gilded Altar

Gilded Altar Runescape Before diving in, consider using these bones:

Dragon bones The price is 2.5k each

Dagannoth bones - 9.6k each

Superior dragon bones The best dragon bones 12.3k each

Gilded altars have been an integral part in prayer leveling ever since the launch of construction. They are able to be built within the POH at level 75. However, you don't need an altar for your personal. It's easy to find them in a house party around the globe. You may be thinking "what is it that makes a gold-plated altar that special?" First, they're simple to get access to. They also give you 3.5x the prayer time (with two burners lit). Third, they have no prerequisites. This is pretty awesome, wouldn't suggest?

Gilded Altar Breakdown

From prayer level 1-99 - here's the bones needed and cost:

Dragon bones - 52.724 bones = 131M

Dagannoth bones Dagannoth bones 29.737 = 277M

Superior dragon bones - 23.423 = 294M

What You'll Need:

Noted Bones

Coins (50kplus)

Inventory of bones

The Best Way to Handle:

Log in to world 330. and teleport to Rimmington.

Find out who's advertising guided changes and go into the house.

Once you're in, put your bones on the altar and enjoy the moment.

You can leave the house, and you can unnotify your bones with Phials at the store general.

When you make use of this method, you are likely to give around 1k bones per hour. Offering you approximately 250k xp (with glowing burners). As opposed to burying bones you'll not only get your rank in osrs hiscores, but you'll also save time and 3.5x the osrs gold! Pro Tip: Soon as you offer a bone, make another click and immediately put it on the altar. Now you'll have two bones for each animation. Thus boosting your hourly xp rate.

Heads with Ensouled

The Ensouled Heads RunescapeEnsouled Heads RunescapeEnsouled Heads Runescape Have you ever wondered what are the souls and souls of vanquished adversaries go? Sometimes right to their heads! Heads that are ensouled are dropped by certain monsters. They're dropped at the shadow altar and could be reanimated and defeated to give a sweet prayer experience.

As a relatively new prayer training method, it's very unique. Why? In addition to gaining prayer xp by fighting, your magic level determines which monsters you'll revive. Therefore the higher your magic level, the more prayer experience you'll receive. Contrary to other power-leveling methods of prayer, this one's more lengthy but cuts your prayer cost by half.

Needed and Recommended Items

72+ Magic

60% Arceuus Favor

Med-High combat statistics

Fairy Ring Code - CIS (unlocked for 80k)

Runes for the magical reanimated spell

Daman/Lunar Staff

Weapon and Armor

Rune Pouch

The Heads of the Church from 1-99 Prayer

11.141 Demon heads - 64.6M

OR 10.027 Abyssal demon heads - 72.2M

OR 8.356 dragon heads - 76.2M

Tips to Reanimate Heads

Teleport to the dark place using fairy ring code CIS.

With a full list of ensouled heads, click on the appropriate reanimated spell.

Bring them back to life and kill them once more.

Inventory is empty? Teleport to Edgeville Bank, Edgeville, and apply the fairy ring code CIS again.

Since this method is a bit more demanding in standards, you'll be able to gain almost the same xp as a glittered altar, but at a steep discount. If you opt for this method, anticipate these levels of experience:

Demon heads - 215k xp per hour

Abyssal demon heads - 240k xp per hour

Dragon heads - 290k xp per hour

If you look at the picture the dark altar could seriously boost your osrs stats quick. You can increase your combat and prayer levels? Plus , how about saving gold? Why would you not? Pro Tips Utilize the OSRS skill calculator to pray. You'll know how many heads or bones you'll need to reach the levels you're looking for.

Chaos Altar

Chaos Altar Runescape By now you've realised that getting 99 prayers is fast but costly. What if you had another method to save gold? One that could net you 900k prayer xp per hour? Think you'd take a walk to the wild side? Located in level 38 wilderness The Chaos altar is the most effective prayer skill learning method available in the game.

It's like a lit gold altar, giving you +350% xp. Also, it offers bone without being noticed from the monks who are nearby. What is the real selling point of this altar? The fact that each bone you present has 50% chance of being saved. You are effectively turning existing inventory slots of 28 into 56!

What You'll Do Not Have:

1 Burning Amulet

An inventory of the bones of a few (dragon, dagannoth superior dragon)

Tips for Managing:

Transport yourself to Lava Maze.

Go west and enter the Chaos Temple.

You can quickly place your bones to make an altar.

Watch out for PKers!

In inventory empty? Lose to the chaos maniac (north-east) or click repeatedly to drink the wines of Zamorak.

Take a trip to the bank, replenish your supplies and repeat step 1.

Due to the ability of the chaos altar that 56 bones convert to 300-450k per minute using dragon bones. Also, 700-900k/hour using higher-quality dragon bones. Plus, you can save 50% off 99 prayers! Chaos Altar Cost:

Dragon bones - 66M

Dagannoth bones - Dagannoth bones -

Superior dragon bones - 147M

Pro Tip: Think about using this method during weekdays or later in the evening. Why? This is a very popular PKing hotspot. Due to the high volume of traffic, your xp levels could drastically decline.


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