"These tools will require significant Lost Ark Gold architecture and platform changes to be implemented the features of Lost Ark," Amazon explained. "Real-world account owner identification is a different method that is used in certain regions, however the size for the Western edition of the game and the differing laws in the regions where we play Lost Ark make this a less practical option for us.

"We appreciate your patience as we work to provide the most enjoyable Lost Ark experience to our players."

Collecting mokoko seeds is an integral aspect the story of Lost Ark. Also, fully exploring the Grayhammer Mine dungeon in Bilbrin Forest could yield a bumper crop of 12 seeds. Once you leave the mainland and reach your first island, you'll find each 50 will reward you with an item. That's why 12 on one tiny map is a wonderful boost.

However, a couple of the Grayhammer mokoko seeds can be difficult to locate. Several are in secret locations that only become accessible when you traverse through - one that requires you to double back on your route. If you've have missed one, continue reading to discover all their places.

Take the road from the entrance of Lost Ark Gold for sale the dungeon, and proceed down on the elevator. After you've taken on the first batch of elementals and brigands you'll see a gate opening to the northeast. After that you'll spot your first mokoko seed to the right of the gate, close to some of the supplies.