“Listen to the numbers: 11, 15, 18,” Mayor Eric Adams said. “They have engulfed violence in our city, and we must put it to an end. This is what we’re dealing with, over and over: Kids killing kids. Illegal guns as easy to buy as candy and comic books. They are everywhere.” 

“I’ve stated this before and I will say it again. I have never witnessed willingness to carry, easy access, and the willingness to use it the way we are seeing right now,” Adams added. 

Adams called on Omar Bojang to turn himself in. 

“We are doing everything we’re supposed to do as a police department. The numbers are just horrendous… removing 2,887 guns off our streets since we took office. Those numbers are just alarming to think about. But there’s an endless flow,” Adams said. 

“We’re running out of baby formula in this city to keep children alive, but we’re not running out of guns to take their lives. That is what our country has become,” Adams added. 

Adams said Bojang is “no stranger” to law enforcement, and has previously been shot twice, arrested for gun possession, and wanted for robbery. 

“Same pattern, over and over again. The same body of people doing the same actions, be part of the same revolving cycle of justice system that we’re seeing,” Adams said. “This time, his actions took the life of young Kyhara. It’s a brutal cycle of neglect, of violence, and victimhood. A revolving door placed our children in harm’s way. Our children are dying and gun violence is the key cause of it – the number one killer of our children.” 

Adams said 18,000 children are shot each year in the U.S.

“This is the legacy that we’re leaving our children,” Adams said. “DA Clark put it best: We’re losing a generation one bullet at a time.” 

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