The term "glitch" has been adopted Nba 2k22 Mt from the internet community as a description of these tactics however, there's much more dedication involved than is. If you're not willing to repeat the process of a lot of repetition and rinse for the added money, these hacks will not be worth your time.

It's also worth noting that, like other VC problems in the NBA 2K series, it's possible to use these strategies in a way that is obvious could end up getting your account blocked. Even though 2K has been less heavy-handed in doling out the penalties these days Be aware that you're at risk when you use any route that isn't sanctioned for VC.

In this way, we are not responsible for any disciplinary actions due to these issues. All bases are taken care of, let's get back to the good stuff. After the release of NBA 2K22, players found they could obtain a quick VC by simply quitting the next-gen version of the game just as their initial game at Brickley's Gym getting close to ending.

It's technically still possible to do so in the most recent update to 2K22 However, there's an added twist to the procedure. To actually earn your VC as well as badge progression from the game, you must win the game each time.

So, you can open mt nba 2k22 your MyCareer, particularly with a profile that's gone through all the beginning tutorials, and head to Brickley's Gym located on your City map. Enter the building, and play your first game by speaking about the NPC inside. Once your badge progression will be loaded at the end the game, end of the game.