While Mounts are for display, ships Lost Ark Gold within Lost Ark are designed for travel utility The Astray Ship being the fastest ship in the game.

It is believed that the Astray Ship is the best ship in Lost Ark, featuring the fastest speed of all vessels in the same class with a high resistance to all hazardous water kinds. As one would expect, acquiring such a prize vessel will require a great deal of effort but those who put in the time will find their endeavor worthwhile. Nevertheless, there are prerequisites set in place prior to Lost Ark characters embark on their quest for the top ship on the market.

In the beginning, adventurers must attain the ability to sail the waters of Arkesia by completing the quest "Set Sail!" which is a mission that marks the conclusion of the East Luterra adventure. After that, Lost Ark fans must reach Level 50 to unlock a special Daily Quest in Una's Tasks, "Pest Control," which requires players to fend off several pirates from The Island of Blackfang's Den. Then, "She Drifts, Sea Gifts" is a different Daily Quest that must be unlocked to acquire one of the essential parts to construct Astray.

If you're not aware, Rothun is Lost Ark Gold for sale the capital of Rohendel an area in the late game that requires players to reach the Item Level 460 in Lost Ark to enter the continent. Additionally, two quests that are prerequisite, "A New Voyage" and "Wall of Procyon" should be completed to upgrade the player's ship to Level 2, giving an access right to Rohendel. Queen Ealyn will offer the two quests for adventurers after they've completed the complete questline for North Vern.