Paramount/Nickelodeon/Spin Master’s Paw Patrol: The Movie has sauntered across the $100M threshold at the international box office. The Cal Brunker-directed animated action adventure now counts $100.3M to date overseas, and over $140M global.

The film has been on a staggered overseas rollout, beginning in just six markets in mid-August last year, and continuing to add new hubs throughout September and more with solid holds. The pups also got a late-breaking China release on January 14 this year, making Paw Patrol one of just a handful of Hollywood titles in recent times to be approved. The film has a 9.2 on Maoyan and has grossed $8.8M so far. There are still some markets ahead.

To date, Germany leads the international markets with $12.6M, followed by the UK ($12M), France ($11.5M), China ($8.8M), Poland ($5.3M), Spain ($3.5M), Mexico and Netherlands (tied at $3.1M), Australia ($2.9M), Japan ($2.4M) and Brazil ($2.4M).

On the offshore performance, Paramount’s President of International Theatrical Distribution, Mark Viane, said, “Having Paw Patrol: The Movie cross $100 million at the international box office is a terrific milestone for the franchise. Thank you to the legions of enthusiastic fans worldwide who continue to turn out at the big screen to see this film, and congratulations to our partners at Spin Master and Nickelodeon Animation and our talented filmmakers on this concerted team effort.” 

Domestically, Paw Patrol was made available on Paramount+, but still came in ahead of expectations when it opened to $13M in North American theaters last August (and without Regal Cinemas in the mix).

A sequel, Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, which sees the band imbued with superpowers, was announced in November for an October 2023 release.

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