On this very special edition of Home Movies, we’re bringing you THREE (!!!) recipes for delicious summer salads. Think of it as “summer thanksgiving”–the three salads you’ll need for every bbq, picnic, pool party, park hang, stoop hang, etc. There’s a tangy, herby potato salad, a spicy, savory tomato salad dressed in melted anchovy and toasted fennel oil, and a tart, nutty cucumber salad with red onion and sesame. They all bring something special to the table, and we love them for it.

TART Celery Vinegar as seen in potato salad: https://tartvinegar.com/products/celery-vinegar


0:00 New apartment mini tour
2:41 Home Movies with Alison Roman intro
2:51 The Holy Trinity of Summer Salads
4:12 The Potato Salad (creamy, starchy, crunchy, tangy)
11:09 The Tomato Salad (savory, sweet, salty)
14:23 The Cucumer Salad (herby, fresh, acidic)
17:01 Finishing the summer salads

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Director: Daniel Hurwitz
Editor: Jiro Kohl
Director of Photography: Dennis Thomas
Sound: Brian Cushin

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